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Hatton Garden - Holborn
traffic increase in 9 months
unique website visitors
increase in revenue

Step 01

The Brief

This project was made for a jewellery store in the centre of jewellery itself, Hatton Garden. The main goal of this site was to provide users with an easy and seamless process of selling their precious goods. This website was custom-made by our design team with the clients preferences taken into consideration. The features of this website include: 4 Custom-made forms to allow users to fill in information of their item, Contact form, Interactive Design, Mailing List, CMS System, Social Media Integration.

Another main objective of this website is the layout and design. The client wanted a layout that easily allowed the user to digest information such as the process, types of jewellery etc. The reason for this was to decrease the number of questions the customer had, which in turn reduced the customer acquisition cost and time.

Step 02

Our Approach

We integrated the premium feel and look of jewellery into the website in the form of colours and typography. The gold and silver colours were used throughout the entire website to achieve this type of luxurious feel. As soon as a user entered this website, we wanted no doubt in their mind that this was a jewellery brand.

We also ensured that every question of the customer was answered. We did this by creating multiple process sections across the majority of the website pages. This significantly reduced client acquisition time and cost as all their concerns were answered.

Step 03

The Results

In the short span of only 9 months, We Buy Diamond are now receiving 3 - 4 consistent user form submissions every day. This meant that they are now generating a greater number of leads/prospects every week, a 2,105% increase to be precise. Furthermore, we generated almost 137,000 impressions within 9 months. All of this was achieved from the SEO optimised copywriting alongside various other SEO practices that our SEO team implemented throughout the website.

traffic increase in 9 months
unique website visitors
increase in revenue
decrease in bounce rate
increase in session time
increase in daily leads



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