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  • Figma to Webflow
  • GSAP Scrolltrigger
  • Cookie-based animations
  • Complex Interactions
  • Micro-Animations
  • On-page SEO
  • Complex CMS
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The brief

A IS FOR ___ is a creative architecture firm exploring diverse projects, using technology and everyday life inspiration to bring ideas to life.

The client approached us with a meticulously designed Webflow website, and they had a clear vision: they wanted us to bring it to life with precision and attention-to-detail while integrating complex GSAP and JS animations and interactions. We gladly embraced the challenge, recognizing the significance of maintaining the integrity of their artistic concept while ensuring seamless functionality and an exceptional user experience. Since a lot of the interactions/animations could not be done natively in Webflow, our dedicated team of skilled Webflow developers had to think outside the box, and so we collaborated and planned exactly how we could implement the interactions/animations, but more importantly, how we can implement them in the most efficient way possible without affecting the speed and user experience.


Load Animation

We built an elegant GSAP-powered loading animation which smoothly animates the navbar, with the initial frame being AisFor’s very own logo. From there, it neatly transforms into the navbar.

Layout Switch Interaction

All the content on the homepage is dynamic CMS content. So we had to get crafty, and so we used GSAP to create an interaction that allows the user to switch between two layouts, discover and grid.

Page Transitions

Seeing as a lot of the content (projects/peopl/news) is situated on the homepage and is gated by a click interaction, we had to think outside the box when the user clicks on the navigation links on other pages. So our solution was using JS and custom URLs that point to the respective CMS collection on the homepage by imitating a click interaction on the respective navigation link once the homepage is loaded, and it works absolutely perfectly.

Our Solution

We crafted a pixel-perfect website in Webflow, rich with captivating animations, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that delighted our client.

We translated the client's design with meticulous precision, ensuring a faithful representation of their vision. By crafting extensive GSAP animations, we breathed life into the website, delivering an immersive experience. Despite the complex code, we prioritized an elite user experience, using cookies to prevent repetitive animations. The result? A captivating website that surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impact on visitors and showcasing our commitment to innovative and user-friendly web design.

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