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The brief

The Barts Student Association reached out to us to create a website that works as an all-in-one content hub to provide dental students with a better and more enjoyable learning experience.

Barts had a problem on their campus where students did not have the proper resources that they can access in one place. The resources were all over the place which made it harder for students to access. BDS Hubs' main goal was to provide dental students with a more enjoyable experience as well as a content hub that contains all the resources dental students need to succeed in their academics. Also, they wanted the website to have a modern and fun design that also adds to the enjoyable experience.


Voting System

The Barts Student Association wanted to give students a say in their education. So our Webflow experts added a voting system that works using Jetboost and updates in real-time.

Loading Screen

This site is meant to be exclusively for dental students, and not medical students. Which is why we added a logic-gated loading screen to filter out any medical students and only allow dental students.


The target audience of this project were young students, and so we made sure the site appealed to this demographic by adding a bunch of fun colours while also planting in smooth micro-animations throughout the site.

Our Solution

We designed a sleek website in Figma and brought it life in Webflow through awesome micro-animations and added tons of functionality using various no-code tools.

The main goal of the website was to produce an enjoyable experience, as well as be a content hub. So we got to work and came up with several resource ideas that made sense and aligned with the goals of the website. Firstly, we used our UI/UX skills to ensure that every aspect of the site was super enjoyable and fun. For example, we included a fun pre-loader animation that was cookie-powered! Another important resource for us was to include a 'group hubs' resource that showcased all the students in each group with a short bio that helped students get to know each other, while also adding to the fun of the website. We also created a bunch more resources that were more focused on delivering a high-quality 'all-in-one' study material resource for students.

Video of case study
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