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The brief

ChangeBlock is an awesome Defi & carbon emissions company that creates an accessible, secure and reliable platform, where buyers and sellers can borrow, lend, finance and trade to deliver an optimal sustainable impact.

ChangeBlock wanted a website to showcase their upcoming platform. Its main goal was to attract investors. The way we achieved this goal was to make sure the website contained content that was targeted at investors. Another main goal of the website was to impress users to use the platform. The way we planned on impressing users was through purposeful design as well as showcasing all of Changeblock's USP.

Our Solution

The website we designed in Figma contained all the essential sections to attract investors as well impress users. We did this by using their pitch deck to curate sections that showcases their USP, social proof, solutions, and more.

ChangeBlock's website's main goal was to attract investors and impress its users. That was our main mission in hand. We used all the various content that the client provides us with such as their pitch deck and we got to work by working out what sections would make sense to achieve the goal. At the end, we chose a bunch of sections that made the most sense, some were targeted only at investors, some only at users, and some at both. The design direction we went for was a minimal, clean, and sleek design which graphics that matched their industry vertical, Web3 and sustainability. Because their company solves a very unique problem, there wasn't much content that we could use for inspiration, so we had to do some experimenting and we designed some really cool graphics that best showcase the problem and the solution ChangeBlock provides.

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