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eSt Ventures

  • WCAG 2.1 Accessible
  • Accessible forms
  • Figma To Webflow
  • Minimal Design
  • Finsweet Attributes
  • CMS Implementation
  • Subtle Interactions
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The brief

eSt Ventures wanted a brand new website to showcase the disproportionately when it comes to funding BIPOC and female-led companies. They also wanted to ensure their website is WCAG 2.1 accessible to give everyone a delightful experience using their website.

We had to make sure that our design team designed the website with accessibility in mind. This made us bend our normal process and we had to adapt our design to make sure that every WCAG 2.1 guideline was met. One challenge for us was to make sure the design of the site is still amazing, without compromising on the accessibility of the site. We had to thoroughly think through every aspect of our design to ensure that it was accessible, as well as having a stunning design.


WCAG Accesible

eSt Ventures is a company that supports individuals with disabilities. These individuals should also deserve to have a joyful user experience, so we followed the WCAG guidelines and implemented a ton of practices through the power of Webflow and custom code that ensured every guideline is met.

Our Solution

We followed our in-house Webflow accessibility process to ensure the website was 100% WCAG 2.1 A compliant. On top of that, we designed the website in Figma without compromising on the design or the accessibility through intentional and careful design thinking.

To design the website, we could not use our normal process. So tweaked our process and made sure that everything we do with the design was accessible. This meant we had to think over every aspect of the design. We chose to go with a minimal design, with a touch of unique components that still gives the website that modern bespoke look. In terms of development, we had to run through a bunch of Webflow practices to ensure the site was accessible. We used custom code, 'skip to main' links, and accessible forms, but more importantly, we hold back on a lot of practices we normally do in Webflow to maintain accessibility.

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