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Knoll Ventures

  • Figma to Webflow
  • GSAP Scrolltrigger
  • Cookie-based animations
  • Complex Interactions
  • Micro-Animations
  • On-page SEO
  • Complex CMS
  • CMS Filtering
  • Finsweet Solutions
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The brief

Knoll Ventures came to us with a stellar design for their website that really captured their identity and mission.

Our job? Make their vision a reality, while keeping every detail as true to their original design as possible. We were introduced to a bunch of different animations/interactions that we had to plan how to execute effectively in Webflow. But that's not all. They wanted their site to be more than just informative – they wanted it to be a fun, engaging experience that reflects their innovative spirit. With all that said, our primary aim for this project was to act as faithful translators of Knoll Venture's vision, turning their designs into a live, functional website using the best practices of Webflow.


Load Animation

Knoll Ventures wanted a load animation that makes the user say "wow" when the page loads, and that's exactly we done. Not only that, but we made it functional so that the animation only plays once so that the user does not have to wait every time the home page is loaded.

Menu Animation

The team over at Knoll wanted the navigation to be where the user spends most of their time, so we made it compact, functional and with visual hierarchy so the user can quickly find what they're looking for without confusion. We done all this through leveraging the power of Webflow and code libraries such as GSAP and jQuery.

Page Transitions

Seeing as a lot of the content (founder stories) is situated on the homepage and is gated by an interaction, we had to think outside the box when we added links to the founder stories on other pages. So our solution was using custom code and URLs that point to specific founders on the homepage which trigger certain interactions to open the respective founder story, and it works absolutely perfectly.

CMS Filtering

Users crave control when they browse through a site, so we added filters to the portfolio page using Finsweet attributes. Not only that, but we added some text that updates in real-time which reminds the user what filters they have applied.

Our Solution

When it came to bringing Knoll Venture's vision to life, we had to get a bit crafty.

We worked with GSAP code and cookies, which aren't usually part of the Webflow world, so it was a cool challenge that really got our creative juices flowing. The result? A slick, high-performance website that's SEO-optimized and ready to grow just as fast as Knoll Ventures does. And we made sure it was spot-on with their original design by translating it from Figma to Webflow with real precision. All in all, we crafted a website that's not just dynamic and interactive for users, but also robust and scalable behind the scenes. It's a digital platform that perfectly captures the innovative spirit of Knoll Ventures and shows off our knack for creative problem-solving and delivering top-notch solutions.

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