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Unu Construction

  • Figma to Webflow
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Cookie-based animations
  • Complex Animation
  • Micro-Animations
  • On-page SEO
  • Complex CMS
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The brief

Unu Construction dropped by with a brilliantly designed concept for their website, capturing their commitment to design-driven construction and perfection.

Our role was simple but vital: take their design and breathe life into it, ensuring every detail was perfectly in place. But there was an extra layer to the mission. Unu wanted their site to be engaging and dynamic, so they entrusted us to weave various animations and interactions into the site. This wasn't just about showcasing their work; it was about providing a captivating, interactive experience that reflects the sophistication and modernity at the core of Unu Construction's ethos.


Loading Screen

90% of web users will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Knowing that fact we added a loading screen so that the user is always engaged, reducing the bounce rate to exceptionally low levels.


Thoughtful micro-animations and interactions embedded throughout the site to provide a more joyful experience to the user.

Smooth Scroll

Smoothness and elegancy was a must for this site, so we decided to add smooth scrolling, enabling are more sophisticated feel to the site.

Our Solution

We were tasked with bringing their vision to life using the honest Webflow practices as well fully leveraging Webflow's powerful CMS capabilities.

Not only did we manage that, but we also ensured they could easily edit the CMS as needed although the CMS had to be built in a complex fashion in order to accommodate the design. We delivered a top-quality build with outstanding performance, that's SEO-optimised and ready to scale with their growth. We meticulously translated their design from Figma to Webflow, making sure every detail was just right. But we went a step further. We added buttery smooth animations that truly elevated the user experience. The final product is a dynamic, easy-to-manage website that not only meets Unu Construction's needs but also provides a polished and engaging platform for its clients.

Video of case study
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