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July 15, 2021
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4 Best Modern Website Visuals To Make Your SaaS Website Stand-Out

4 Best Modern Website Visuals To Make Your SaaS Website Stand-Out

In this post, we're going to be showing you the best modern visuals to make your SaaS website stand out. In fact, they’ve been working so well that I try to use them as much as I can.

But, before we can get things started, why are website visuals so important in the first place?

Why are visuals important for SaaS websites?

The visual content on your website plays an important role in keeping your  customers engaged, and moving them through the buying process.

How do you stand out?

Visuals!  A picture is indeed worth ten thousand words, and scientists have proven that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text! 

Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages every hour, could you read 36,000 words per hour? 

In this era of big data, you need to get your information across easily while also making it stand out and visuals are the perfect way to do that, so here are the 4 best modern visuals to make your SaaS website stand out:

1. Plain Images

Best SaaS Website Visuals

Best SaaS Website Graphics

Images act as storytellers. Research shows that most readers prefer books with images, tweets with images receive 5 times more engagements and articles with images receive 94% more views.

The importance of plain images cannot be overemphasised as it is proven that customers like visuals and prefer content that contains them.


  • Plain images help potential customers relate better and faster to your service.
  • Plain images leave a lasting impression on potential customers, when you see an image for an ad over time, when a need arises for that product.
  • Investing in using good images to promote your service works, because after all, people only remember 10% of what they read and 65% of what they see.


  • Images are not as flexible as text and so usually contain less information.
  • Images require skill to create and if the skill part is to be bypassed, they usually come at the cost of hiring a creative designer or photographer.
  • Plain Images are a great form of visuals for SaaS such as; e-commerce platforms, communication platforms and HRM platforms.

This type of visual is best for: Visual Platforms & Digital Assets

2. Illustration

Website Illustrations

Illustrations For Websites

An illustration is a drawing usually by an artist that may sometimes contain digital graphical elements. Illustration is fast becoming a key player in the visual marketing industry. When it comes to abstract or larger than life ideas, illustrations help depict them better, the better your imagination, the better your illustration. 

Illustrations help where images sometimes come up short, for instance during data representation, illustrations work best as you can draw anything, any amount, any quantity or even represent it graphically. 

Illustrations give you liberty to personalise what message you are trying to pass across, and because they can be abstract and imaginative they tend to appeal more to younger audiences.


  • Illustrations are fluid, abstract and open to imagination.
  • Illustrations are fascinating to look at.
  • Illustrations can show details or graphical data which images can sometimes not.


  •  Images are more authentic than illustrations.
  • With images what you see is what you get, which is why images are preferred whenever luxury items are showcased.
  • Illustrations require skill and imagination to create.
  • Illustrations come at a cost if you are hiring a visual artist or illustrator.

This type of visual is best for: B2C Companies, Educational Platforms, Child-Friendly Companies - Any company that has a 'friendly' vibe.

3. 3D

3D Visuals For Startups

3D SaaS Visuals

3D images give the perception of depth. It helps users interact with the service, brings your idea to life and helps to sell the experience. 3D images are more intriguing than 2D images, we interact with our world in 3D so it is easier interacting with 3D visuals. 

3D visuals might just be the next level thing you need to add the WOW factor to your SaaS. It is more realistic, quicker and easier to understand than 2D.


  • 3D visuals are interactive.
  • It can be true to life with artistic freedom.
  • 3D visuals are limitless to your imagination.
  • It helps you come up with a theme for your SaaS.
  • It brings out detailed characteristics.
  • It can be photorealistic or abstract.


  • 3D rendering can be time consuming.
  • 3D visuals come at a higher cost than plain images and illustrations.

This type of visual is best suited for: DeFi, Startups, Fintech, SaaS

4. Mockups

iPhone Mockup Website

Mockup Website

A mockup is a static rendered design that features stylistic and visual UI details to present a realistic visual or model. 

In lay terms, Mockups are creative, often photorealistic previews of how a design of service would function in the real world. 

Mockups offer the best UI/UX (user experience and interaction). Mockups are convincing, intuitively understandable and realistic. 

They are visually enticing and register a compelling effect on the mind of the user.


  • Mockups bring your SaaS to life.
  • They can be photorealistic and creatively abstract.
  • They are high-end and look very professional.
  • They help you design with purpose.
  • They give you confidence in your design.


  •  Mockups can be expensive.
  • They are time-consuming.
  • Mockups can be overwhelming and distracting, leaving users confused in understanding its non-interactive functions.

Mockup visuals are best for SaaS such as: Email marketing platforms, e-commerce platforms, Project management platforms, Accounting platforms, Enterprise resource planning platforms, content management platforms, communication platforms, payment gateways etc.


The role of visuals in making your SaaS standout cannot be overemphasised, give your SaaS that extra bit of pizzazz with one of the 4 modern visuals we have given you in this guide. 

Did you know that with every client, we create our own website visuals? Check out our web design process, or you can view some of our recent work.