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August 13, 2021
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What To Look For When Hiring A Website Design Company

What To Look For When Hiring A Website Design Company

Choosing a web design company to work with can be difficult.

There are so many great web designers out there, and you want to make sure that you hire the right one for your business.

What should you look for when hiring a web designer?

Is it the price or the experience of the web design company?

In this blog post, we will go over the What To Look For When Hiring A Website Design Company.

Why you should ask the right questions before hiring a web design company

It is important you ask the right questions before hiring a web design company. This helps you understand and choose the right company suitable for your web design projects. Every website is different, and each company has individual requirements.

Your needs might vary - a complete redesign or a design update that addresses minor issues.Planning your web design project starts with knowing how to get the best design for your needs.The web design company you're looking to work with should be able to provide a full range of web services.

You want them to be able to help you with your web design, web development, and web hosting.It's not uncommon for companies to specialize in one or two web design services, but web design companies that have expertise in multiple areas are more likely to be successful for your web design project. For example, if you're looking for someone who will create the look and feel of your site as well as manage to host on their end it may not work out so well for a web design company that specializes in just web development or UI/UX.

Likewise, a web designer may be great with SEO, but if they don't have any experience in web development- that could lead to problems down the line. Every website is different, which means every company has individual requirements when it comes to what you need from them for your web design project.

It’s important to sit down with each potential candidate before choosing one because once they get started, there's little room to make changes unless you pay additional money. You can also use their reviews to make sure the company you're considering is a good fit for your project.

When hiring a web designer, it's important to know how well their skills match up with your needs as a client so you can find one who works best! With these questions in mind, you'll have a better idea about which companies might be good fits for your project so you can make a web design decision.

When you're considering hiring a web design company or getting in contact with one, there are some important things you should consider;

#1 The Process

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Designing a web design project takes time and planning.

Every company needs a process, even web design agencies. We’ve seen websites launched that had broken contact forms and typos on the home page.

Before you hire a web design company, you need to understand the various processes involved for them to fulfill their individual client's web design needs. Ask your web designer if they have a documented workflow or use project management software. If so, it’s likely that experience will lead you through the entire web design and development process from start to finish like a pro. Find a web design company that will keep you on track, make wise budget decisions, and get you launched by your scheduled date!

Here are some of the important criteria you should look for in a web design company's process:

  • It should be categorized into different sections(in the form of a benchmark), that you can easily understand.
  • Each Section should have a timeline for completion
  • Each section should include a list or detailed explanation of the necessary procedures involved

The Process is a guideline of how they intend to resolve your web design problems in a manner.

A web design company may mention their process in an informational brochure, a website with testimonials, or on social media. If they don't have a process section on their website and brochure, you should also ask them about the web design process they employ to provide specific information that shows how they will work with you. If they’ve been around for some time but there are no listed procedures then this could be bad news because they can have incomplete tasks/timelines without any explanation. The web design process is a crucial part of the web designer selection decision - you need to know what they do and how that matches up with your needs before selecting them.

Here are some questions to ask when reaching out to a web design company for their process:

  • Timelines: How does the web design company decide on timelines?

Will these be detailed or general timelines? 

Detailed ones will have specific explanations for each task, including estimated completion times. 

The vaguer it is, then typically there will not be any timeline listed at all. This would reduce transparency in communication between parties involved as well as hinder communication within the web design company itself when deciding who should work on which tasks; because everyone won't know where they stand or what's expected of them!

  • Documentation: Does the web design company have a documented workflow or use project management software? 

If so, it is likely they will be able to provide you with both an accurate web design timeline and a detailed explanation of the web design process.

  • Communication: Is the web designer accessible for questions before and during their work on your site (in person, by phone, via email)?

Hiring a web design company who doesn't meet this qualification would make it difficult to get in contact with them- leading to problems down the line in regards to budgeting, timelines, and general communication!

  • Progression:  What are some ways that I can stay updated about the progress made on my website through regular updates? 

You should ask if there is any way that you'll be notified regularly as well as what kind of updates you can expect to receive.

  • Update: How will a web design company keep me on track? 

This is a great question as it will ensure that a web designer;

(a) won't sign up your web site for more than the budget allotted and web designer 

(b) won’t spend too much time working if they don’t know how long this project will take them- which could lead to problems down the line with inadequate timelines or wasted resources!

Do not hire a web designer whose process doesn't match up- it could lead to problems down the line. The web design company should allow you to provide feedback for any items they create during the project process, including design and graphics, laying out the site, textual content, photography, and overall functionality.

#2 Testimonial/Reviews

Testimonials Website

It's safe to say that a considerable majority of people prefer recommendations from other previous clients over advertising.

Hiring a web designer is an expensive decision with lasting consequences, which makes it important for you to get every detail right. That is why it is important to check for testimonials or reviews from past web design projects.

To do so, take the time to find out as much about their experience in terms of the number of projects and testimonials from previous clients. You want to hire a web design company that has experience working with a variety of projects in the past- and also testimonials from different clients. With a more experienced web design company, there are fewer chances of errors because mistakes were already made in the process during previous work.

The first major factor in hiring a website designer is the personal recommendation. It is best to go with a company that has many customer reviews. And for the right reasons. Make sure you give close attention to the negative reviews about a web design company.

Here are some of the criteria you should look out for in the reviews and testimonials;

  • It should be authentic: This means being genuine, sounding natural and using conversational words.
  • It should be clear and direct: The testimonials should be clear, concise and straight to the point, with the clients stating what they got from working with the web design team and they were taken from point A to Point B.
  • It should not be generic: The testimonials should look and feel unique to the brand.
  • It should be a balanced opinion: The testimonials shouldn't have one-sided opinions and should outline the facts.
  • Negative Reviews: Are there negative reviews about the kind of service you are looking for in your own web design project? 

This could help you decide whether or not the web design company in question is the right one for the project at hand.  Most brands/companies hardly ever feature negative reviews on their website as it could do a lot of damage. 

You can check third-party review sites like Google Reviews, TrustPilot and Yelp to see negative reviews or reviews from unsatisfied clients(if any), and take notes of the patterns, that way, you would be able to sort what exactly they were unhappy about.

#3 Past Work

Pristine Digital Webflow Portfolio

A complete portfolio of past work is essential when deciding which company to hire.

Their website should show complete websites that are a good fit with your desired design.

This will help you get an insight into what they are able with your web design project.

Their portfolio should also show consistency between multiple types of websites that have been built so far - whether it be blogs/eCommerce sites or small business websites.

For example, if you're looking for a minimalist web page with plenty of white space on each page so there is maximum visibility when scrolling through content, then this would be important to note!

You want to hire someone who has experience working on similar types of projects within the same industry and designing pages like yours.

This way, it'll cost less time to go back and forth about design details that have already been addressed with previous web development projects.

The top considerations to look for when reviewing a web design company or freelancer's portfolio are the following:

  • The Number of Completed Projects: It's good to know the number of completed projects to have an insight into how experienced and vast they are.
  • References: Do they have web designs that are similar to the web design project you're undertaking?
  • Successful Projects Completed in a Reasonable Time-frame: This is about how quickly and efficiently tasks were completed. It's important for web design agencies to be able to work fast if necessary, so it’s a good thing if their portfolio shows consistency in this department.
  • Quality of Work: Look for web designs that show creativity and quality workmanship.
  • Organised Portfolio with Different Types of Websites Shown: This is important to have an understanding of what they are capable of doing, which will make the process go faster if a similar web design project has been completed in the past.
  • Size of projects — Does the company have experience working with companies of your size, or websites that have similar technical requirements? 

Does the company show flexibility and range in their work?

This will allow you to get a sense of how experienced the design firm would be handling large, complex projects.

To make sure you are selecting the right company, it is important to research the background and reputation of any firm before selecting them for your project.

#4 Pricing

Pricing is an important part of web design.

One of the most important aspects of any web development project is understanding a company's pricing.Many web designers or web development agencies will offer a range for the price they charge, but it’s best to get as many details about this upfront as possible in order to make sure you understand what your budget needs are.Before agreeing to any kind of contract, make sure you know how the desired web design company is billing their services.The size and complexity of your project will determine how long it takes and therefore how much that project should cost!

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that they offer great service at a competitive rate. Additionally, it's important to know what kind of costs the company may incur along the way and how they will deal with cases when something falls outside of their original plan. Remember that there may be hidden fees such as hosting charges from the company with which you have signed up.

It's also worth noting that most contracts come at least a 12 months term- even if the contract only lasts one year.

Here are some criteria you should look  for when reviewing a web design company’s pricing:

- Price of web design services and time commitment in months or year which they will be committed for

- Cost after web design is complete (in the form of hosting fees and maintenance fee)

- Total cost for web development, including web design, web content management system (CMS), and marketing tools, and copywriting services.

It's important to speak with them about any hidden costs that may come up during this process as well. If your company needs a web designer but isn't sure what type of rate they should pay, it’s best to get at least three different quotes from various companies before making a decision. 

This way you can compare rates based on services offered and pricing structures rather than just a number.

#5 Passion

Questions For Web Design Company

Passion is a word we often associate with web designers and web developers. Passion is one of the top qualities web designers need to have in order for their work to be successful.

A web designer's passion will affect their creativity, which can make or break a project. You can tell when someone’s into what they do because it shows through in both written content and graphic design.

If you want to take extra time to find an agency that has this type of passion, check out their blog or website for examples of how much they love what they do- in both content writing and graphic design aspects. You should be able to see it right off the bat if these are people who have fun working together as a team, too.

It's important for creative folk like web designers/developers to stay happy so that your web design project will reflect this happiness in its uniqueness and overall appearance!

You want to make sure the web design company you choose is reputable and shares similar values as your business. There are many things you need to keep in mind when hiring web design companies. Whether it be the project, scope of work, client testimonials, and reviews- you want to make sure that they are all in line with what is important for your website design needs!

Web design agencies with passionate employees are more likely to put out quality web content that you desire from your business website. It's important for web designers to stay happy so they can keep on doing what they love- designing web content. Happy web designers are productive web designers and productive web designers get things done, which makes everybody happy.

You tend to get along better and create less turmoil, tension and stress because to them, it seems like they are having fun because it's what they love to do. Talk with web design companies about what they can offer, their rates, and whether or not they are passionate about web designing- this will help ensure success with your project. Happy web designers produce high quality work that reflects themselves through the creativity and uniqueness of their designs. 

Web designers need other creative people around them who share similar values as well so that there's no conflict within an office environment, which can cause problems during projects like website development.

Let's take a look at some other notable/interesting questions you could ask when interviewing potential web designer companies:

  • What do I need from this web design? This includes everything from domain name hosting and maintenance, security protocols, etc.
  • How much of these services will come included with my package?
  • How many years of professional experience does it take before someone can call themselves an expert in their field? You want to work with someone who has learned all there is about web design, web development, web hosting, and more.
  • Can I work with this web designer in person? You will want to be able to sit down face-to-face with the web designer that will be in charge of the project you are considering so they can answer any questions or address your concerns.
  • How much does it cost for a website redesign? This is an important question because prices vary for web designers. The price of a web design project depends on how long the site has been in existence, what services need improvement (if any), how many pages there are that need updating/refreshing/redesign etc., as well as other factors. You may also have some specific requests outside of basic updates such as additional features like eCommerce or webchat.
  • How much web hosting space do I need? This is an important question because the web design company you work with will be deciding on what size web hosting package to purchase for your site. The more pages or images that are included, the larger the web hosting package they should buy. You may also want some of this web hosting space reserved for sites outside of your primary domain name- like blogs and landing pages related to other projects.


A web design company doesn't have to be the most expensive one in order for you to get a good product. You should always do your research when hiring web designers and finding out which web design agency is right for you!

Whether you need a basic website, an e-commerce site or something else entirely, it’s important to make sure that the company you choose is right for your needs. That means looking into their experience in Website Design and Development as well as what they offer beyond just designing.

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